What does a photo booth add to an event?

All guests will enjoy going into the photo booth and it adds an element of fun to every event! Icebreaker: Guests enjoy getting to know each other as they share and show each other the pictures they took in the photo booth. Gift: It adds a memento as each guest goes home with a photo. Your guests will talk about their photo and many of these photos even end up in wallets, on refridgerators, and in frames. Fun: Your guests will enjoy laughing until they cry as they take the sillest pictures in the booth! Their are so many props and fun ways to pose. Unposed Pictures: You will get really spontaneous pictures of your and family acting goofy with odd props. You can take these photos and add them to scrapbook or take digital copies and upload them online. Your guest can really be themselves in the photos. A Guestbook: A guestbook full of photo booth pictures is a great memento for the bride and groom. They will love reading the messages and looking at all the silly photos. Make A Good Party A Great One: A photo booth can create a fun, laid back, and friendly environment in any situation. Whether you have a group of people who have known each other for years or a group of people who are just meeting each other, having a photo booth at your party can bring life to any party.

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