What Do You Get For Your Money With A Photo Booth at your Wedding?

I’ve talked to many brides interested in finding out more about having a photo booth at their wedding. Some are set on having a photo booth at their wedding and they are ready to sign a contract until they see the price. One thing I guarantee each bride that has a photo booth will tell you its the best decision they made and that they loved having it at their wedding! Why spend so much? Because your wedding day is about creating memories and having high quality vendors. You want to choose a beautiful setting for you event and you want a quality booth to fit into that setting. Our photo booth packages vary in price from $600 to just over $1,000. Why would you pay so much for a photo booth? We use the highest quality of photo printer, camera, props, and flash to ensure that each picture looks like it was professionally taken. What does the cost include? You always get your moneys worth with a photo booth from the Chicago, IndianaMilwaukee or Ohio Photo Booth Companies We include so much more than any of our competitors We include unlimited copies of the photo strips. So when your bridesmaids and groomsmen get in the booth for some cute and silly pictures they all get a copy- even if you have a wedding party of 20 if they all fit in the picture they all get a copy! We provide the best service possible, as a newly married couple we understand that you can spend your wedding budget on a number of things. Another reason its worth the price is that all our photo booth attendants are the best! We want people who will make each guest feel comfortable. Our photo booth attendants will ensure that your scrapbook looks amazing and that each guest has left a heartfelt message to you alongside the photo strip copy that goes into the scrapbook. By having a photo booth at your wedding you are also purchasing a wedding favor. The photo booth strip is a wedding favor that your guests can bring home as a memory from your wedding day. This saves a lot of money as many brides spend hundreds of dollars on wedding favors that guests just throw away. A photo booth strip will be saved in a wallet or on the fridge! You could have high end booze, you could have more flowers or you could have memories to last a lifetime and silly candid photos of everyone who came together for your day.

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