Photo Booths at PAWS Chicago Fundraiser

Chicago Photo Booth was at some amazing events this past week. The high light was a fundraising event for PAWS Chicago. For the animal lovers, or really anyone looking to support a good cause this event was fantastic. We have had a recent trend of dogs in the photo booth and these photo booth pictures were fantastic! PAWS Chicago is a great organization. We wanted to post some info about them. “When PAWS Chicago was founded in 1997, more than 800 homeless cats and dogs were being killed in Chicago every week, totaling a staggering 42,561 deaths that year alone. And no one knew. PAWS Chicago was founded to end the unnecessary killing of homeless pets by informing and engaging the public and the media to help bring about change. When people are made aware of these horrific numbers, they recognize the reality and become part of the solution. Through high-profile events and public awareness campaigns, PAWS Chicago has put a face on this once hidden problem, and results were immediately visible. After PAWS Chicago brought the killing to public attention in 1998, the number of animals destroyed was reversed… and continues to fall. The killing rate of homeless animals in Chicago has been reduced by 60% since its founding in 1997. But there is still much work to be done.” (Please Reference Paws Chicago for info. The fundraising event was a huge success and we wanted to thank Chicago Paws for allowing us to be a part of it. If you have a good cause where you are looking to raise money and have fun at the same time, don’t hesitate to contact Chicago Photo Booth Company.

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