Photo booth vs. Photographer…why you need both!

A photo booth sounds like a great idea for a wedding but I’ve heard from many brides that it out of their price range. Like anything you are booking for your wedding you want to ensure that it adds value and adds to your day. Many brides already have a photographer and feel that they do not need a photo booth. However, but a photo booth captures the day in a very different way than the photographer will. Your photographer will take many high quality photographs that are beautifully posed and artistic. They will take family portraits and if you are lucky they will catch some wonderful candid moments. A photo booth almost guarantees you a picture of everyone at your reception. Everyone will want to squeeze into the photo booth and snap a pic. They will take silly pictures and let loose in a way that is impossible in a posed picture. You will hear giggling and laughing from inside the booth as your grandma poses with other family members. The photo booth is a gift to you and to your guests. Each guest will receive a copy of the cute picture, this will inevitably spark conversation later on when it is hung on the fridge. It will bring back fond memories of your wedding day. One of the best parts of the photo booth is that it brings instant gratification. Your mother will not be bothering you for a picture from the wedding because she will already have one. Many brides choose to have the pictures from the photo booth go directly into a scrapbook and guests will write a message next to the photo. At the end of the reception the scrapbook is complete. “I loved going home with a book of pictures of messages. After my wedding and honeymoon I felt a letdown. Then I was able to flip through my scrapbook and laugh at all the cute pictures and messages. I loved being able to show my friends and family the scrapbook right away. I had to wait over 6 weeks to get the photographs from my photographer but I had all our photo booth pictures right away!” Amy. If you are thinking about booking a photo booth for your wedding in IndianaOhioWisconsin, or Illinois we will help you find the right package so that you can enjoy some great pictures of your guests and they can have fun taking them!

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