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This past December the Chicago Photo Booth company installed their first permanent photo booth in the Toby Keith Bar and Grill in Rosemont, IL. It has been a wonderful learning process and an exciting endeavor we are going to continue to grow. The permanent photo booth has been a HUGE success at the Toby Keith Bar and Grill. Not only is it an attraction to the customers, but is also is a great form of advertisement for the bar. It doesn’t hurt that it also generates income for them as well. The permanent photo booth is setup differently. Each individual customer pays for a photo booth session. The booth accepts all forms of credit cards as its form of payment. The permanent booth is extremely durable, but not very portable. The permanent photo booth is set up with green screen capabilities, which allow you to have different backgrounds appear behind the people taking pictures. The layouts can also vary…at Toby’s we use a 5in by 7in sized layout with 5 pictures, logo and diamond plate background in picture. Here are few examples. The layouts can be completely customized with varying sizes, logos and backgrounds. The most important thing is to have something that everyone loves! If you haven’t been out to the Toby Keith Bar and Grill in Rosemont, IL come check it out. It is a great time. Here is a bit of information about them from their website. I Love This Bar & Grill Inspired by Toby Keith’s Hit SongFrank Capri, CEO of Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, is once again expanding his chain of restaurants every fan will love with. Inspired by country star Toby Keith, it has quickly won over the hearts of diners all over the country, including Mesa Arizona, Minneapolis Minnesota, Rancho Cucamonga California, Cincinnati, Ohio, Folsom California, Rosemont Illinois, Auburn Hills Michigan , Foxborough Massachusetts and Denver Colorado. More and more franchises of this restaurant are opening up, too.Of course, these restaurants are named after Keith’s hit single from 2003, but you definitely will love this bar. The bars themselves in these locations are in the shape of giant guitars, creating a unique country music atmosphere that visitors will love. To complete the southern atmosphere at the bar, there are plenty of specialty cocktails to choose from, featuring everyone’s down-home favorites like Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort.Anyone who loves country music will feel right home at these restaurants. The atmosphere is over-the-top country — in a good way. There are cowgirl servers and country music videos playing on every television screen. Several nights a week the bar hosts live country bands which make for a great night out — and when they don’t, there is a country DJ to play your favorite tunes.The menu is fairly traditional southern American food, but they do it big. Whether you’re getting the ribs or the chicken wings, it’s impossible not to notice the insanely generous portion sizing for a very fair price. It’s also one of the only places around you can get a fried bologna sandwich on Texas toast just like your mama used to make…if not better!There are no sides missing from this southern menu, either. Any country food you crave will be available, whether its mashed sweet potatoes, creamed corn, mac and cheese, or even fried okra dusted with cornmeal. The authentic recipes will bring southerners back to their roots, even if they’re visiting a Michigan location, and will give northerners a taste of what it’s like to be from the country.Finally, once you’re all done dining, stop in the Toby Keith gift shop for some rare and unique memorabilia. Country lovers can’t find this elsewhere! So whether one of these franchises is popping up in your town, or you are looking for a place to eat while out on the road, check out Frank Capri and Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill is a place where you’re sure to get all the bang for your buck and have an old-fashioned good time. If you are a bar, restaurant or other type of organization looking to add a permanent photo booth to your establishment, please contact us and we can go over the details.

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