How To Use A Photo Booth To Generate Revenue?

We got an interesting email the other day that asked the question of how to use a photo booth to generate revenue? There are different ways to do this, so I figured I would address them. The gentleman in the email works for a not for profit organization that is looking for ways to create exposure and revenue for their cause. My response to him was that our company does donate the photo booth for good causes and can go over the different ways to help raise money for their charity. We have been to numerous fundraisers that used the photo booth in different ways to successfully generate income. One way of doing this is by donating the photo booth to a silent auction and all the proceeds go to the charity. A second way is charging the patrons money at the fundraising event and all of the money is donated towards their cause. A third and probably most popular way is to include the photo in the fundraising event’s upfront ticket cost to the attendees. I tend to think that including the photo booth in the overall value of the ticket purchase is the best way to help generate income and awareness for the not for profit’s cause. That way everyone who comes to the event can use the photo booth as many times as they would like and money is still made. All three ways work and it us up to the organization to decide, which way will work best for their event. In a previous post, I discussed how the photo booth helps companies looking to create more exposure for themselves. All of those ideas apply for not for profits too. I am linking that post in case you want to read that one as well… We love working for not for profits with a great cause, please feel free to contact us to over different ideas.

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