Great Photo Booth Pictures and Poses!

Everyone loves getting great photo booth pictures taken. Mustaches, guitars, bow ties, boas, pirate hats and sunglasses – oh my! Prop boxes give your guests something great to work with and up the level of playfulness. Nothing brings a smile like getting into a photo booth with your friends and family as your celebrate your special day! What are the keys to great photo booth pictures and poses that we have taken in the past? It is our opinion that the more creative you get the better the pictures will be. Here a few tips to great photo booth pictures…. 1. Attention to detail. A photo booth strip can almost tell a story using the four pictures. Those pictures say something different to the bride and groom each time. 2. If you got it flaunt it! In your group do you all have something in common? Maybe you all wear glasses, all of you have a tattoo, or cute shoes? Show off what you got in the booth. 3. Have fun! The bride and groom love to see pictures of their guests laughing and having a great time. If your pose doesn’t work out laugh it off! Here are some great photo booth pictures, please let us know what are your favorites?

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