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The Chicago Photo Booth Company has the ability to insert custom photo booth logos in a variety of different ways on the layout of the photo strips. We work hard to make sure the layout looks the way you want it to for your event. What we do not do though is design the logos for the layouts. If you are looking to make a logo for the photo booth strips and you are not sure how to get started. We reccommend reaching out to Gurtowsky Graphics. Bridget does a wonderful job with creating custom graphics for companies for any type of event. Here are some tips on creating a logo from her blog.

Build it into your budget and have a professional logo designed. Check with a few different design firms as pricing can vary.When you get your professional logo, make sure you have it saved as a .eps fileto send to the printer and your promotional contacts. And as a .jpg (rgb) file to use on the web and on in-house marketingYour logo will have specific colors that define your identity. Keep the colors simple, crisp and try to use 3 or less colors.Keep your logo simple. If you want ideas of what a good logo looks like just take a look at the big business logos like McDonaldsNike, Kohl’s Macy’s, Chase, and more. They are all simple.Your logo will have to be saved in black and white, color, reverse white so you can place it on different backgrounds so make sure it’s readable and easily understood in all of these formats.Your logo should speak to your personality.Have your designer build your logo in PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors. This will make it easier for your printer to match the color and will keep the color consistent. Remember that PMS colors may look different when converted to CMYKfor printed materials and RGB for the web. Pantone has color books that your designer might have that can show you what the color would look like in PMS/CMYK/RGB. This will help you see realistically what your color choice will look like in these different formats.

Again these are just a few tips from Bridget on what to do and look for when creating a photo booth logo. If you feel that you need help making your photo booth logo, please reach out to her, she will do a great job. We look forward to all of the wonderful photo booth layouts coming soon.

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