The Best Photo Booth Pose!

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Having fun posing in the photo booth!

Everyone loves getting their picture taken in the photo booth but as guests are waiting in line their is much discussion. Is it better to plan a pose or is it better to be spontaneous? Some of the best photo booth pictures are the goofy silly poses that are unexpected! However, their is something to be said about a well-planned photo booth strip. Its all up to you!

A Little Push and Pull

Here are a few photo booth pose tips: 1. Attention to detail. A photo booth strip can almost tell a story using the four pictures. Those pictures say something different to the bride and groom each time. 2. If you got it flaunt it! In your group do you all have something in common? Maybe you all wear glasses, all of you have a tattoo, or cute shoes? Show off what you got in the booth. 3. Have fun! The bride and groom love to see pictures of their guests laughing and having a great time. If your pose doesn’t work out laugh it off! We can’t wait to see the awesome pose that your group comes up with!

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