15 Ways to Save from Photo Booth to Flowers

1. Book a Photo Booth Today! Check us out we have great deals running right now! We are in MilwaukeeChicagoIndianapolis, and Ohio. You can provide your own props or scrapbook to save money. Book your booth today- don’t wait or we may not have a booth available for your big day! 2. Subsitute Less Expensive Flowers– Use the best flowers at the head table, or use the bouquets as flowers for the head table. 3. Limit Your Guest List– This is tricky, but you must meet with your family and create a guest list that you can accomodate. 4. Consider a Friday Wedding– This can help you get better rates on everything from flowers to the photo booth. 5. Know Where You Stand Financially -Stick with your budget. 6. Accerorize– Consider a simple less expensive gown and accessorize it. Borrow accessorizes from friends or family. 7. Choose a Venue with Buildt In Decor– Pick a venue that will speak for itself. 8. Learn to Love White– All-white is the most affordable wedding palette. Many white flowers are inexpensive and when you add candlelight the look is instantly romantic. 9. Have Your Cake And Eat It Too– Caterers always suggest a dessert to accompany your wedding cake. Skip it, serve a sheet-cake and no one is the wiser. 10. Think Big– Spend money on the areas first that stretch your dollar the most. 11. Shop with a Plan- 12. Skip the Hidden Gems– The hottest style of wedding ring is the infinity band. How can you make it more affordable? Get diamonds only halfway around. 13. Print Smarter– Use only one color of ink on your wedding invitations which is a 14. Factor the Small Stuff– Don’t forget that you will be buying gifts for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Consider smaller items or buy in bulk. Factor in the cost of your transportation or delegate one of your bridal party to drive. 15. Keep It Simple– You know what it is important to you, so spend more on what you value and don’t worry about what others are thinking. At the end of the day, its your wedding!

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